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How it works

Coach your entire network of pastors and leaders!

Is coaching your pastors and leaders difficult? With Restvo, it doesn't have to be! We know that being a local pastor or church staff is a tough calling. Our cofounders are both pastors and tech entrepreneurs who empathize with how difficult ministry is.

A healthy individual is someone who grows. The winners are those who invest in helping others in the organization to grow. Restvo combines the essential relationships, processes, and technology to help you grow the most important assets of your organization - your people.

Lifelong Learning & Growing

Restvo is a personalized learning / mentoring platform that allows you to upload your training resources, leadership curriculums, and denominational accreditation. Easily manage the continued education for your leaders and pastors because when they continue to grow so do their churches. Try it out today!

Coaching Made Easy

Our team understands the importance of mentoring and coaching for denominations. We created our coaching / mentoring app that manages all your coaching relationships, recommends coaches, customizes coaching plans, and collects feedbacks. We also have a built-in video chat & conference tool so you can remotely sync up with your leaders as needed.

Denominational Resources

Our platform makes it easy for you to manage your leadership training, professional & personal development, and gain feedback across your entire denomination at every single level. Our insight dashboard helps you see in one glance all of your leaders and their progress in their learning tracks and coaching relationships. In addition, we can easily upload all your denominational resources onto the app. Our consulting team is ready to meet with you, understand your unique needs, and onboard your entire leadership team.

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