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How it works

The Restvo Mentoring Platform

Having trouble finding a mentor? Restvo is a church discipleship app built by pastors to help you find mentors in your personal life and walk with Jesus. Our discipleship/mentoring platform helps churches build deeper mentoring relationships in their local communities.

Connect with Mentors

Our app has been designed from the ground up to help mentors & mentees find the best match. We analyze every profile and showcase the matches with the best change of success. Then, we provide the right tools to take your mentoring relationship to the next level!

Build Deeper Relationships

Our platform includes innovative ways to help you in your mentoring journey. We've built incredible tools with our in-app chat tool, one-on-one on video syncs, dynamic mentoring goals, intuitive reflection and feedback, and your own personal journal.

Join a Discipleship Plan

We believe that once you have experienced mentoring thru Restvo that your life will be changed for the better. Why? Because we see it happening all the time. After getting mentored, our app trains you to help  mentor others. Join a Discipleship Plan today!


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"Restvo is hands-down the best app for building relationships."

Leo Mack
Youth Pastor

“I didn't think there was a good tool for building personal relationships but Restvo has been wonderful for our community.”

Lizzie Moore
Church Member

“There is no better tool in my opinion to build relationship, small groups, and connect people together”

Victoria McCoy
Director of Discipleship

“You owe it to yourself to give Restvo a try.”

Leroy Sims — Church Planter
Who We Are

Meet Our Team

We are a team that believes that life is less about the number of followers you have and more about the quality of friends you have. Our team culture is founded on the vision that work is more fun and meaningful when we work hard, play hard, and balance both together.