Built for Church Ministry

A robust learning process can take ministry to the next level.


Journeys are individual growth plans that can be taken at your member's pace. Discipleship is often messy, and we understand that. We help you create clearer pathways of growth so your members are led in the major steps of their spiritual journey.

Browse from library

Ministry is busy. We help you get started right away by curating a library of content so you can get started in minutes.

Create your own

Upload your own content. You can also begin with an existing curriculum and modify it according to your need and goal.

Track Progress

See how your members are doing in real-time. Offer support and extra resources if needed.


Churches can set up mentoring programs in minutes. Fill out a profile, and you will get a link to share with mentors you want to recruit to mentor others. Prospective mentees can use our matching algorithm to discover mentors in your community. From new believer discipleship, 1-1 career mentoring, to marriage coaching, Restvo has the tools you need to build a successful mentoring program.

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It's all about relationship

By highlighting the relational resources in your community, you maximize the most important assets for growth in your community.


We have built in messaging for your group leaders to communicate with members via mobile app or web app.


Curriculum are all managed in one place. You can easily upload and share new small group materials with all the leaders and members.

Get Organized

Create Programs for Growth

Restvo structures its resources in ways that is clear and usable. Community manages ministry areas in Programs. Restvo helps you think through the processes with which people can grow in each ministry area.


Your church. You can shares events, announcements, and organize programs.


Small Group Ministry, Children Ministry, Worship Ministry, Outreach Ministry, are a few of the use cases. You can create growth paths in each ministry area to help your people mature as followers of Jesus Christ.


This is the actual pathway and relationship in which growth happens.

Curriculum & Content

Keep the growth process organized by customizing curriculums and content for your people.

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