Identity Vault

Secure Biometric Authentication.

Protect your users with the most secure mobile biometric authentication available. Boost your security to new or existing hybrid mobile apps in minutes.

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Keep it secret.
Keep it safe.

The App Security Problem:

Many frontend authentication app workflows use unsecure practices, like storing tokens unencrypted or using weak authentication logic that can be easily compromised. Identity Vault fixes this.

  • Built and supported by Restvo’s native mobile experts
  • Biometrics, data at-rest encryption, and active session management
  • Integrate to new or existing Restvo apps, and any backend auth provider
  • A native, always-on-device security that protects your users’ data
Restvo Identity Vault

Powerful, multi-layered frontend security

Identity Vault uses the most advanced frontend security capabilities and best practices to protect users from data loss and unauthorized access.

Protect your users
Focus on your app

Identity Vault offers everything you need to deliver and maintain highly secure client-side user sign in for all of your Restvo apps, right out of the box. Our Enterprise Customer Success team has the expertise and skills to solve any problems that come up.

Get the latest in frontend security, so your team can concentrate on valuable features and experiences that will set your app apart.

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Deep native security integrations

Identity Vault works at the native layer, bringing together over a dozen native capabilities and security APIs for the best possible frontend protection.

  • TouchID
  • Android Fingerprint & PIN
  • FaceID
  • Android KeyStore
  • Apple Keychain
  • Native Session Timeouts
  • iOS Secure Enclave
  • Background Data Hiding

What you get with Identity Vault

Focus on your app and user experience and let Restvo Identity Vault enable and automate security, encryption, session management, and more.

  • Safe, private, and encrypted storage of authentication tokens
  • Modular, easy to consume service that integrates your apps
  • Developer-friendly docs, tutorials, and videos to get you started
  • Works with Auth Connect to easily integrate with any auth provider
  • Always-on Session Management to keep your users protected
  • Ongoing updates & maintenance, backed by Restvo’s app experts
  • Available advisory services and mission-critical support SLAs
  • Deep native integration, with the best native frontend security
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Identity Vault

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Curious how exactly Identity Vault secures your app and protects your users? Watch our video overview that covers everything you need to know.

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